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World’s First Smartphone with Holographic Display Announced By Hydrogen One


World’s first smartphone with Holographic Display has finally Arrived and the news is coming from Hydrogen One. The company has successfully created the device which many company has failed over a long course of time. Red has finally came up with something different.I have listed full detail about Holographic display and how it will affect current smartphone economy and specification sector.

Red is high end pro camera maker who has managed to achieve a technology where the 3D will be an addition to the 2D display, Current smartphones need a glasses to see the Holographic images on the phone but Red has removed this limitation. Now you will not required to attach any glasses for 3D view.

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⇒Future of 3D Display’s is Now possible with Holographic

Many companies were trying hard to achieve this Holographic technology but because of some complications they failed! But Red has smartly used Argumented Reality and mixed it will Virtual Reality Plus Mixed reality which recently Facebook worked on.

Holographic technology will allow you to watch games and videos though Holographic Media Machine.

⇒Failed Experiments of Holographic Technology

There is a long list of companies who has experimented  3D content on the display but they failed!

LG and HTC tried their bit on holographic media back in 2011, then followed by Amazon’s spectacular failure of the gutsy 3D Fire Phone (which had the ridiculous four tracking cameras) in 2014.

They all set great example of failure in the field of 3D display.

⇒Price of Holographic Display

The company has announced to launch device in early 2018 and it will be  exclusively available for pre order on Red’s website. It has two variants.

1) The Aluminum Version will cost $1,195 (around Rs. 77,000)

2) The Titanium Version will cost $1,595 (around Rs. 100,000).



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