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Technology – an epitome of redesigning lives.


Transition is a way of life, people have accepted this as reality. Unlike ages ago people nowadays are more flexible in adapting to changes. Technology is the driving force that inculcates the trait of adaptability in people.

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Vogue in Technology:

  1. Internet Of Things – Internet Of Things means integrated network where computers, mobile devices, and the environment surrounding us are inter connected with the help of internet. The very purpose is to simplify task completion in day to day life, without human to human interaction and human to computer interaction.

The fact that you are able to connect to anybody from any part of the world, which was not expected 15 or 20 years ago, it has helped businesses to expand globally, e- commerce websites have gained a lot of benefits, these are very few examples to explain the Internet Of Things in a simplified manner. It means connecting all things in the world to the internet.

  1. Artificial Intelligence – It is a branch of computer science where machines are created with human intelligence, so that they react and function like humans. Its is used in many fields such as Gaming, Natural Language Processing, Expert Systems, Vision Systems , Speech Recognition, Handwriting Recognition and Intelligent Robots etc.
  1. Machine Learning – Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence where the computers learn from observations and direct experience, and not by programmes. There are various methods of machine learning : supervised and unsupervised  algorithm, semi supervised algorithm and reinforcement algorithm.
  1. Influencer Marketing – As the name suggests influencer marketing is marketing with the help of influential people. Influential people are not just celebrities but other popular individuals who have a influential presence in the web. They usually have huge number of followers on the web and social media.
  1. Account Based Marketing – Account Based Marketing focuses on not just sales and marketing, but on revenue generation by targeting specific accounts.
  1. BlockChain – Blockchain is an integrated system of ledger that records economic transactions and all the transactions that have a value. The record is not centralised by any authority but is accessible by any user, because it is a shared network.
  1. Bots – Bots are software application that function and operate automated tasks over the internet. To understand the term in  a simplified manner, let us take the example of Google search engine, it uses Bots to examine and study content on the various websites. This is done by web crawlers, that help categorise the web content into specific sections, this process is called indexing. The process of indexing is done more swiftly and faster than the rate of humans.
  1. Cybersecurity – There are new trends in cyber security techniques, like Behavioural Analytics,  New Generation Breach Detection, Smart Grid Technologies, Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN), Artificial Intelligence Defense Measures etc. These are the few tech savvy cyber security techniques that have originated.

As cyber security attacks and hacking are inclined in an upward trend, the technology is also growing in an upward trend to create solutions to various types of cyber security threats and attacks.

  1. Voice-Driven Applications – Voice Driven Applications are type of artificial intelligence tools, which are hands free and eyes free, programmed to respond to human dictation and also answer questions. So these machines can run tasks that the humans dictate, that is why the name, Voice Driven. A very prevalent example can be SIRI application and there are few others that are gaining the market, like ALEXA and AMAZON ECHO.
  1. Public Cloud Adoption – Public Cloud Adoption helps organisations to store data and maintain records without installing or purchasing additional equipments. This data can be shared with a number of other tenants.

Technology has brought a ‘makeover’ to our lives, making it more easy and time saving to carry out daily tasks, to schedule our routine and automate tasks that required manual efforts earlier.

In Spite of the development and modernisation that technology has contributed to, it has faced a lot of criticism due to decreased connectivity in families, lesser socialising capacity of children. The gaming softwares have made children to get addicted to mobile devices, and is one of the reasons for a rapid  decrease in outdoor play activities.

People are becoming more dependable and lethargic because technology gets everything to the door steps.

Owing to these criticism, we as human beings cannot stop ourselves from adapting to technological development, every individual should be aware of the limitations and conditions of appropriate usage.

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