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Selfie Camera Tips & Tech to Improve your photography skills

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Smartphone selfie camera has become a necessity for every phone buyer. Selfie is trending at the global level, I think you might aware selfies has replaced autographs, why not? Obviously, a photograph is more appealing to glorify your memories. I have seen many questions people have many doubt about feature of their phone’s camera.

So I decided to peep into google to find suitable tips & tricks that might help you to improve your photography skills.
Well in this single article, I can’t make you a professional writer but you will be able to use your smartphone to click a contrasting and attractive image.

I have made this guide as simple as I can so that you don’t face any readability issue.


Selfie Camera 5 key Tips

1. Focus on Camera settings: Focus on the object while taking any snap, smartphones are coming with touch & tap feature to focus on the main object so use it wisely. Use your selfie camera with autofocus or do it manually for clear images.

I have mentioned all features that you may find in your camera setting, refer to them for better understanding.

2.Random shots: Don’t satisfy after taking a single snap, try to take a 3-4 snapshot as only later you can choose best of them without regrets.

Personally, I have seen my friends remembering that moment when they mess up with the picture and wants to go back in time to change click more of them.

3. Don’t overdo edit option: Don’t follow this strategy try to take real photos with a natural smile.

Fooling yourself by over editing your picture can not make you happy last longer. At one point you will realize ‘Real is Gold’.

4.Use of Hands: Try to use your both hands while taking selfies. As it gives a steady image, if you click snaps using single hand then you might get a blurred image.

5.Clean lens: Before taking any picture don’t forget to clear dust from your selfie camera as well as rear camera, a dirty lens will give you poor image quality or a blurry photograph.

Smartphones companies have worked very hard to improve camera feature of their phones.

Have you used your phone manual to click a photo? If not then let me tell you in a conference of photography club a Nikon’s head told me you can capture a DSLR compelling pic by using your phone’s camera settings. Let’s read these feature in detail.

Camera setting:

Operate your smartphone manually to take a picture. This feature allows you to take full control over adjusting your phone’s brightness and contrast level. I will use Xiaomi’s budget smartphone.

When I click on setting I got following options.


panorama mode

A lot of people have no idea about this feature. If you want to click groupies or big scenery then panorama mode is very helpful. Check out below images for reference.

panorama photography

It captures images with horizontally elongated fields of view. It is sometimes known as wide format photography.

If you have this feature on your phone then you have won world war 3.

Timer: This feature allows you to click a perfect photograph from your phone without the need of anyone.

For example, if you feel shy while giving a pose in front of others, this feature has made for you, just set the timing of your phone’s clock and ready to rock and roll.

You can click as many pictures as you want. Right now selfie camera doesn’t give this feature.

Audio: smartphone companies are working hard to give an incredible camera to their user to enhance their selfie demand. And managing your pics at just a command let you click photo after you are settled.

You just need to say 2 words and voila your image is ready. Just make sure to set your camera position properly.

Manual Mode Photography

This mode gave me two options:

1. White balance: It is removing unrealistic colors which appear white, in reality, are rendered from your photo. By default it is auto and I can following options too.

a) Incandescent

b) Daylight

c) Fluorescent

d) Cloudy

2. Select ISO: It measures the sensitivity of the image sensor. High ISO is used in darker areas to get faster shutter speed and low or medium ISO gives light and finer image.

HHT Mode

This mode stands for Handheld Twilight which can take multiple images under low light conditions and align them to take out a final product without the use of any tripod.

Scene Mode

This mode enables you to choose your preferred weather. You can select current weather condition that might be suitable to click a picture.

  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Sports
  • Night
  • Night portrait
  • Beech
  • Snow
  • Sunset
  • Firework
  • Backlight
  • Flowers

These scene modes give you wide range of effect to glorify your pic. You can use it to click appealing edited pics without using any third party software.

What is HDR Mode?

photography from HDR mode

HDR stands for High Dynamic range. It is an old photography practice that introduces in a smartphone in recent year.

Personally, I like this feature a lot it gives me a whole clear photo but it is also true sometimes I got the blurry effect with this mode.

HDR modes take 2 picture of a single photo, a dark one and an image with full of light and merge them to take a clear snap. Look at below image to understand this feature practically.

You can leave your valuable comment I will update this article so you can bookmark this article.

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