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PhonePe KYC Aadhaar Update Online (Full Procedure)

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Phonepe KYC process has already started and if you are a Phonepe user I will suggest you do your KYC now. Phonepe UPI is an amazing app that features various recharge and bill payment options with amazing cashback offers. Currently, the company has asked to complete your KYC for more secure and fast payments. The KYC update will help you to continue sending money without any interruption, If you will fail to do your KYC you will not be allowed to perform any bank payment transfer.

Doing Phonepe KYC is 30 Second process that requires Aadhaar number and your registered phone number( in Aadhaar office). In this process, you have to enter your aadhaar number and minor details after that you will be asked to enter the OTP number sent to you on your default Registered mobile number.

How To Do Phonepe KYC Online

  • Open your Phonepe Wallet App.
  • Go to the Homepage.
  • In the top, you will see a notification banner complete your E-KYC in 30 sec.
  • Click on VERIFY Button.
  • Now, tap on continue button by linking your aadhaar card number
  • Confirm on I Agree with the terms and condition.

Phonepe kyc

  1. Enter your 12-Digit Aadhaar Number and submit.
  2. phonepe aadhaar kyc
  3. After submitting the Aadhaar number one OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  4. Enter that OTP
  5. You have successfully completed Phonepe E-KYC.

Phonepe KYC

  • First of all, you don’t have to visit any KYC Center to complete your Phonepe E-KYC.
  • Wait a moment to complete your KYC Submission.
  • You can enjoy all Phonepe offers and UPI payment without any interruption.
  • Complete your Phonepe E-KYC today enjoy hassle-free transactions without limitation.

if you have any query or doubt to mention it in the comment section our team will help you to get rid of the problem.

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  1. Bablu kochgabay says


  2. Nithish Kumar says

    my KYC verification failed. isnit necessary that ny registered dim should be in slot 1 ????

    1. Roar Face says

      No, You should have access to the OTP number sent to you for Aadhaar verification.

  3. Preetham says

    Can I withdraw money to my bank account without doing the eKYC?
    Thanks. 🙂

    1. Roar Face says

      You can try, if it works then money will be transferred otherwise, you need to complete the KYC process

  4. Shanmu says

    The OTP is getting sent to some unknown number. It shows that the otp is sent successfully to *******7690 number. And as you can see this also has 11 digits. And no mobile number has more than 10 digits. I couldnt proceed further. But my account shows my correct mobile number in the app.

    Can someone tell me

    1. Roar Face says

      Sir, you need to check the number that is registered with your Aadhaar Card. As the OTP can only be sent to the number which is registered at Aadhaar office.

  5. Subhra Sanyal says

    Though putting the aadhar number in this wallet but OTP IS not comming into the mobile number. What is the reasons?

    1. Roar Face says

      Please enter the number that is linked with your Aadhaar number otherwise, OTP will not come.

      1. Ravi says

        What to do if they say e-kyc temporarily unavailable

  6. Subhra Sanyal says


  7. Anshul kaushik says

    How do I know whether my kyc has been updated or not on phonepe app.??

    1. Roar Face says

      Click on the Account>> Tap on Your name >> At the bottom you can see your KYC details.

  8. Debdaskarmakar says

    Tried no. of times to add Aadhaar No. with Phone pe wallet,but failed every times. Let me know how I can add my Aadhaar No.

    1. Roar Face says

      You can try other KYC Documents to perform the KYC

  9. Ranjit kumar Ram says

    My adhar number not spot way

  10. HARI KRISHNA K R says

    I couldn’t find the option on top as link your KYC …now what should I do and how to link my adhaar card to it .??

    1. Roar Face says

      You Need to go to My Account >> Click On the top where your name and number displays >> You will Surely find the option to link to do KYC

      1. Ashish Raut says

        Even i face the same issue and am not able to see either option to add kyc or already existing kyc

        1. Roar Face says

          Ashish Update Phonepe app and follow the same procedure to add KYC to your account :Go to My Account >> Click On the top where your name and number displays >> You will Surely find the option to link to do KYC

  11. Malgani gopal goud says

    I never completing my kyc without register mobile number
    Please help me

    1. Roar Face says

      Try to enter your Voting Card or PAN card

  12. bhoomi says

    I am trying to verify adhar no but its showing unable to initiate ekyc

  13. Aftab alam says

    Mera ekyc nahi horaha bahut try kiya

  14. Nitin nagila says

    My kyc is not completed on phonepe some problem came in phonepe it is not veryfying with adhaar some problem came in it.

    1. Roar Face says

      Nitin, make sure your number is linked to your aadhaar number. Even after that you are facing problem then just change your smartphone and follow the KYC process and after doing your KYC you can continue using Phonepe on your current device.

  15. Manwar says

    How can I change my ADHAAR KYC ON phonePe app

  16. Madhav Manocha says

    Can i change the adhaar linked to my id?

  17. Minikrishna says

    Aadhar Card KYC link no please help me

  18. Pavani says

    I have just installed phone pe and wallet is showing to do e-kyc done but iam not getting any otp to my phone even though i completed my adhar link with phone number

  19. JAYANAIK says

    My aadhar not register my mobile number .so please register other new to register mobile number



    1. Roar Face says

      Haramjit please update your app or login on Phonepe on android with higher version of android OS and try to complete your KYC via PAN card.

  21. Srinivas says

    Phonepe KYC not complete, e-KYC services are temporarily unavailable

  22. DILIP K says

    when am cmplete the KYC i uploaded PAN number. how to change the PAN to Aadhar

  23. chaithu says

    Hi sir i Update Kyc Document Like Voter Card Its Not Update Fully Kyc Right Now I need To change Voter card To Adhar card How To change

    1. Roar Face says

      Just go to the KYC option and you will find Aadhaar KYC option

  24. arjun says

    phonepe kyc to topup your wallet. when pressing kyc to continue they are saying e kyc services are temporary unavailable.please try again later

    1. Roar Face says

      clear app data and try again.

  25. arjun says

    tried by clearing app data . but again same problem arises.ekyc services are temporarily unavailable.

    1. Roar Face says

      Actually its the app problem they are working to resolve KYC problem. Please wait for some days Phonepe will start accepting KYC

  26. BALJEET SINGH says

    मेरा नाम बलजीत सिंह है मेरा फोन पर ही केवाईसी कंप्लीट नहीं है कृपया इसके बारे में कुछ जानकारी दें

    1. Roar Face says

      अभी KYC की दिक्कत आ रही है कंपनी इसे बारे मई हल निकान रही है| कृपया थोरा इंतज़ार कर ले

  27. teja kumar says

    i couldnt complete my kyc process becase it didnt link my registerd phone no to my can you help me some any another sourse like any offline kyc done

    1. Roar Face says

      I can suggest you visit Aadhaar Office they will change your number instantly. However, the process takes 10 days to completely update your personal info online.
      another way is to make new phonepe account and make ID from the number which is registered to your Aadhaar number.

  28. Rajinder says

    Sir i have done my kyc with my voter id card but still m not able to do any kind of transaction

    1. Roar Face says

      Get in touch with Phonepe Customer care. It might be possible they are having some problem to approve your voter ID. I recommend using Aadhaar card to do KYC

  29. VIJAYARAJ K R says

    It is showing ekyc is temporarily unavailable for past one and half months, i couldnt add my aadhar what can i do???

    1. Roar Face says

      It’s phonepe issue update your app or simply wait until the service gets available.

  30. Rima says

    I have mistakenly put on my mother’s kyc details instead of mine in my phone pe app which is registered under my number. Is it going to be a problem? Is it going to alter my original bank account details in bank? How can I change the kyc details in the app?

  31. Chandra Shekar says

    I’ve done kyc with licence number,
    Now I’m unable to withdraw Money from phonepe, saying complete your kyc,
    What to do??

  32. Sathish says

    I linked pan card I want update my aadhar how can I change

  33. Geetha says

    My kfc process is completed, bt i have to change the details, that is, i have to update the pan card no. And i have to delete the aadhar no. Pls help me how to change?

  34. ganesh sambhaji desai says

    I have updated my PAN card in Phone Pe KYC. I want to change it. Now I want to update my Aadhaar card in KYC. What should I do?

  35. Sivakumar says


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