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Jio Failed to Compete With Airtel in Terms of Speed: Reasons Explained


Jio failed to satisfy its customer in terms of 4G Speed. The report is coming from OpenSignal which has revealed truth about Jio’s 4G speed in India. The reports reveals Airtel is 3 times faster then Jio. when we look at the figures of  Average speed of 4G The figures are surprising as they claims Idea has worst peak speed among all telecom that leaves negative impression on Idea Cellular.

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No wander why Jio’s 4G speed is falling at high peak! The principle is simple as More user means more  bandwidth and data usages. Opensignal also attempted to find out reason why Jio’s performance has fallen down.

OpenSignal measures mobile internet across the world, based on the data churned out by their 20 million app users. Although this sample size is huge, it cannot be held as the final proof of Internet speed among mobile carriers.

=>Open Signal Report: Airtel 3 Time faster then Jio

Onesignal has generated two results which are  based on speed recorded by their 20 million odd app users

1) Airtel Is #1 with 56.9 MBPS speed. However, Jio comes at #2 with 50 Mbps average peak speed. Whereas, Idea has been ranked as the worst telecom provider, with 29.8 Mbps average peak speed. Vodafone is at #3 with 36.5 Mbps average peak speed.

speed test graph by Opengraph

2) In terms of Average download speed Airtel, which has recorded 12 Mbps download speed in the 4G network which is been 3 times faster then Jio. Both Idea and Vodafone have almost same speed at 9 Mbps.

Note: Reports are taken with time period from December 2016 and February 2017

Final Words from open Signal to Jio

The report says, “As Jio’s extraordinary data usage returns to more manageable levels, the big gap between its peak and average speeds should close. That means typical everyday connection speeds for Jio customers will increase as they’ll be able to access more often the full technical capabilities of Jio’s LTE network. We’re already seeing some evidence of this in our most recent data.”

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OpenSignal has admitted that Reliance Jio can be fastest 4G Network in India but reason that is making Jio speed fall is free data offer. Reliance jio is currently giving free 4G data to large part of India which is making difficult for Jio to manage this overflow of customers. Let’s see what Jio has planned to overcome with this problem.

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