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How the Internet is taking over Schools


With the Internet, students now have access to a vast variety of subjects. With all sorts of information available 24×7, just a few taps on the screen does it all. Students no longer have to go through bulky encyclopedias and dictionaries to understand the meaning of something. It’s all just “Let’s Google it” away.

The rise of technology brought a change in the face of education. As the printing press came into existence, books became cheap and more common, the process of education was made easier. And now, with the internet in place, all the textbooks one requires can be found in most electronic devices. Heavy bags are replaced by devices the size of a palm.   

As the Internet is disrupting the old-school schools, tablets are taking over the books. Tablets are easier to read on, as they have the options of changing the fonts size and style, mark (underline and highlight), and understand (better illustrations). As the text is in digital format, teachers add hyperlinks to the content so the students can have further, deep knowledge about their subject.


Schools and colleges nowadays have started to adopt the newer methods of teaching. This includes using all sorts of technological instruments like interactive whiteboards, Classroom apps, class blogs, podcasting or any other gadget/ interface that can enhance the process of learning. These instruments allow students to question, discuss, and resolve problems with ease.

Google Classroom, for instance, is an app by Google which makes a classroom environment on the phone. Here a teacher can create a classroom and share links for the students to join. On the app, a student can raise questions to the class (of any subject) or give inputs on an on-going class discussion. Teachers can also join the discussion and assign assignments for the class which can be submitted on the app itself, in the form of Google Docs. There are thousand other such apps which help in minimizing the communication gap between teaching and learning.

Takings tests have also become way easier than ever for the institutions. Having a server and conducting online tests for students can automatically fetch data and prepare a score sheet for the teachers. Notifying students with an update can also be done with this technology. Tests like Olympiads and ASSET require the students to mark on an OMR Sheet. They haven’t changed their exam pattern, they are private organisations conducting exams.


Schools and colleges today have reached far from where they had started, and they ought to evolve more. You never know if there’d be a device someday that’d connect to you to copy information to the inside of your brain. Or maybe, a 3D projected classroom at home. We never know, because tablets and computers were unimaginable objects at some point in time and yet we have them here, right in our hands, all the time. This is the beauty of the human race. We challenge ourselves; we underestimate ourselves and yet, in the end, prove ourselves wrong.

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