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Facebook ‘Fact Checking’ tool Launched to check fake news


Facebook is the most popular social networks around the world but fake news are spreading very aggressively on the internet. All thanks to digitization people are seeking attention by making fake posts on social media. Facebook will send more potential hoax articles to third part fact checkers. And this will generate finding below the original post.

Facebook has proved its potential to fight with so called fake news. The company has initiated a machine learning to detect possible hoaxes.

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Do you know? Facebook is considered for spread of information on large scale. This had led  to be deciding factor of 2016 US presidential election.


Facebook news feed product manager Sara Su Said, “In addition to seeing which stories are disputed by third-party fact checkers, people want more context to make informed decisions about what they read and share,” 

Facebook would keep testing its “related article” feature and work on other changes to its news feed to cut down on false news.

The company is trying to take every possible step so users will only get original information on its network. Even in Europe the election were effected by fake viral news on social media.

The company said it has created a software algorithm to flag stories that may be suspicious and send them to third-party fact checkers. If the fact-checkers review the post and write a story debunking it or giving context, that post may appear below the original content on Facebook’s news feed, according to a company blog post.

Facebook has been taking steps to make sure that new reports spreading on its social network are accurate. The company has been working closely with fact-checkers like Snopes and Politifact. Now it will be interesting to see how it can change the fake news trend on social media with this fake news checker tool.


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