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How To Buy Best AC For Home In India Summer 2018


Best AC 2018 – Before buying any electronics items, one’s must be very confused about it related to Which brand should we buy? How must it cost? Does it work well in future? and etc. But don’t worry, here in this article, I will let you know about each and every detail for Air Conditioner (AC) which you should prefer to buy yourself. Follow the guide and pick the right choice.

If you are looking for best AC in this hot season of 2018, then you may definitely have a lot of problems to find the perfect match for your room especially when you are owning it for the first time. Let me solve all your problem, here are some factor for the AC which you need to understand before buying it. So let’s start it.

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Step-By-Step Guide For AC 2018

There are some classification of the AC and they are as follow –

  1. Types of AC
  2. Coil Used.
  3. Room Capacity.
  4. Technology Used.
  5. Consumption of Power.

These are some basic things about the AC which you need to be understood before purchasing the AC. Let’s start with the first point i.e. Types of AC.

Types of AC

Basically, there are three types of AC available in Indian Market and

1) Window AC

2) Split AC

3) Portable AC.

I hope that you have already heard this name when you are searching for the AC.

Window AC

If you want to fix AC in a small room size, then Window AC must be suitable and best AC for you but it is necessary to have a window in your room to install the setup. Besides this, the Window AC also comes with inbuilt room heater which also works as a heater

It is good about this AC because you can also use it in winter as well. Here I must suggest you purchase Window AC for the small room size.


  • Take less time for installing setup as compared to split AC.
  • Stay warm in winter with the help of inbuilt room heater.


  • Slower process for cooling as compared to split AC.
  • Fit only in the window.
Split AC

Split AC is somehow a better version of Window AC and needs to be installed on your room’s wall. Yes, split AC install on the wall of your room by drilling 3-4 holes. It doesn’t need any window to install, so if your room doesn’t have any window then purchase Split AC.

It’s completely up to you that where you want to fix the AC. Split AC can also be considered for large room size as well as small room size.


  • Faster Cooling compared to Window AC.
  • Fits anywhere.


  • The compressor of the AC stick outside, try to keep it from dust free.
Portable AC

Portable AC gives a luxury of moving it with an ease and are more efficient than non-portable ones. These AC are not be fixed anywhere, it has the capacity to move anywhere you want it to be.

If you live in a humid area, you can choose to buy one that comes with a dehumidification option to remove excess moisture from the air. This ACs are the sufficient for your home as you can carry them easily where ever you want.


  • Mobility.
  • Cost-Effective.


  • Noisy.

Coil Used

Most people take Aluminium coil AC just to save money. I would like to suggest you always prefer Copper coil over Aluminium coil. Copper has a property of good conductivity, hence it is more reliable to prefer this one for a long span of time. The copper coil is also corrosion resistance, which is easy to maintain and repairable. So, always select Copper coil for best AC.

Room Capacity

Room capacity is directly proportional to the best AC. The size of the room really matters a lot that you need to fix your AC accordingly. Follow the chart to find suitable AC for your room size.

Size of the RoomCapacity of the AC
10x10 feet1 ton capacity AC
11x11 feet1.2 ton capacity AC
10x15 feet1.5 ton capacity AC
10x20 feet2 ton capacity AC

Pick your AC according to your room size, prefer 3-ton capacity AC for more than 14×22 feet.

NOTE – Select your AC suitable for the room size, otherwise it will cause more power consumption.


Well, the AC used two types of technology and they are Inverter and Non-Inverter. Overall, the inverter AC has a lot of advantages over non-inverter AC. Here, are some factor which helps you to understand better.

Quick Cooling

Quick cooling can only be considered in inverter type AC, if you want your room to get cool in 5-7 minutes then choose inverter type AC because the compressor of inverter AC varies easily with the room temperature.

Constant Cooling

Inverter type AC always gives you constant cooling under extreme weather condition which keeps your room steady.

Compressor Life

As inverter type AC take less load and the load is directly proportional to the compressor which leads the long life of the compressor.

Less Noise

Due to take less load on the inverter type AC compressor, it remains less noisy.

Optimal Power

The best and the major advantage of the inverter type AC is that it uses less power to make room efficient cool, which saves a lot of money in electricity.

Consumption of Power

I wish you all have heard about the star of the AC like – 1 star AC, 3 star AC, 5 star AC etc. These are called rating star. These stars let you about the power consumption. That means low star more consumption and vice-versa. Yes, if you want to consume less power and go for high energy star ratings.

These star ratings are done by BEE i.e. Bureau of Energy Efficient. From below table, you will understand more.

Energy RatingSaving/Month
1 starRs. 0
2 starRs. 200-250
3 starRs. 400-450
4 starRs. 550-600
5 starRs. 700-750
NOTE – Assume that you run your AC for 8 hours daily.

However, currently a high star AC will have a higher price, but it saves your power consumption and less consumption leads to less money. It means 5-star AC can save a lot of money in a long-term manner.

This is the full guide to AC which one should know before buying the AC and I hope that this article will help you out to find the best AC suitable for your room.


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